A prosperous manning agency and caterer, unique but internationally known for its creativity, efficiency and professionalism, renowned for its high quality products and excellent service - an icon and a model of excellence in the industry are the aims of Inter-World Shipping Corporation.


1. Our main purposes is to continuously provide our principals with excellent service, with the highest degree of efficiency, honestly and professionalism; and supplying the with only the finest, qualified, trained and experienced Seafarers who accomplish fine results.

2. To continuously build a proactive team with our principals/clients and crews-thereby, accomplishing a strong effective work force, a life-long friendships and successful business relationship;

3. To provide continuous service of providing our Principals with only high quality products; experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, hardworking, honest, persevering, a team-player; medically fit. And qualified Filipino Seafarers and to deliver them with no delay.

4. To be the crew-problem-solver of our principals/clients ; continuously providing them creative solutions and full support and excellent professional service ( even in times of urgent crew requirements or needs ).

5. To take care of our crews and exercises fair employment practice to them; helping them to advance in their careers; and as an Equal Employment Opportunity agency, we do not discriminate, so we hire Applicants regardless of their economic status or political ties as long as they’re qualified.

6. And finally, to uphold and adhere to the highest marine industry standards, ethics and moral codes.


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Inter-World Shipping Corporation

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