We have in our Crew Reserve a wide selection of the finest crewmembers of all ranks, readily available upon request. Our highly trained divisions-teams and departments-teams screen the Applicants and quality them prior to sending CVs to our Principals. These crewmembers are the products of our finest Maritime Schools and Trainings Centers in the Philippines. Filipino seafarers are best known in the global cruise and maritime industry for the professionalism-they are intelligent, hard working reliable and preserving at work. They can speak, read and write good English.

Crew Selection, Hiring, Medical Examination:

With utmost care, the selection and hiring procedures are done by the executive managers and professional staffs; the medical examinations are done by an accredited medical clinic to ensure that only physically and psychologically qualified applicants (seafarers) are sent to our principal's vessels.


Our Liaison Officers and Documentation Officers are knowledgeable on all aspects of documentation and processing with the different government offices more particularly the POEA, DFA, Embassies, DOLE and other government agencies directly and indirectly connected with the employment of seafarers' abroad.

Ticketing and Deployment:

E-Tickets, if on Cash Basis, as soon as the seafarers are Ready-To-Go (RTG), we communicate with the principal to get an okay and approval in booking the tickets of appointed crew.


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Inter-World Shipping Corporation

These branches of service that we offer are worth your money. Our experienced catering crew, stewards and Chief Stewards are the adepts in the industry. So food and accommodation services will always be enjoyed by all your marine crews, project crews, officers, etc. and your good company.


When contracted, we provide chandelling to any kind of vessel at very good rates, maintaining the same quality products and excellent service.


a) Processing of Re-joining Crew;  b) Seminars and trainings of the seafarers (affiliated with training centers); c) Other marine related services



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